An Excerpt from “Legends of Soluna – Hawk’s Story”

from Legends of Soluna – Hawk’s Story:

Hawk’s ears flicked backward, detecting the slight sound of paws on snow.  He had no time to register the threat before a large creature landed on him from behind, knocking him to the ground.  The air rushed out of his lungs from the force of the attack.  He struggled to stand, but his attacker kept him down.  In desperation Hawk ignited his fur, allowing small, hot flames to dance across his pelt.  [A1] The creature leapt off him in surprise, a yelp escaping its throat.  Hawk whirled around to face his attacker, teeth bared and ready to fight for his life…and stopped.

The eyes glaring into his were not those of a demon, but of a Wolf.

With the dark of the storm and the blowing snow his attacker’s features were barely distinguishable, but Hawk saw enough to determine his attacker was no demon.  The Wolf towered over Hawk, like an eagle looming before a mouse, easily six feet tall.  Her thick, stocky build marked her an Earth-Wolf, but the color of her pelt was wrong.  The dark blue-gray fur and cold navy blue eyes did not belong to an Earth-Wolf.  Then Hawk’s eyes fell to the Breed mark on the Wolf’s left shoulder.

It was a navy blue double wave.

“You’re…you’re a Water-Wolf.”  Relief at meeting a potential ally gave way to shock, and Hawk was unable to do more than stare and gape like a beached fish.

The she-wolf snarled, baring her curved fangs.  “So what if I am?  What’s it to you, demon?”

“But…I t-thought that all W-Water-Wolves disappeared at the beginning of the w-war. W-we haven’t s-seen them f-for over a hundred years!”  Hawk drew back a little, his ears flattening.  “And I’m not a d-demon, I’m a F-Fire-Wolf.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly before flicking down to Hawk’s left shoulder, noting the red flame-mark decorating it.  Then they slid back to meet his.  “No, I can see now that you’re not.  Other than your Breed mark, you look more scared than a new-born pup.  Demons are incapable of feeling any emotion other than hate.”  She seemed to spit out the last statement as though it were poison, and snarled quietly to herself.

Both Wolves froze when a long, eerie yowl reached their ears.

Hawk’s eyes widened in fear when he recognized the cry.  “I know that call…it’s a Night-Lynx.”

The she-wolf ignored himand listened for a moment, trying to pinpoint the demon’s location.  With a low growl, she was off running, leaving Hawk to stare stupidly after her.  He galloped to catch up.  The last thing he wanted was to be left for the demon, especially after being separated from Sparrow.

“Wait!  Don’t leave me for that thing!”

With a growl, the she-wolf whirled around to snap at Hawk’s face, forcing him to slide to a stop to avoid her sharp fangs.  “Stop whimpering, you coward!”  Looking behind him, she snapped, “And turn off your fire or something, you’re leaving a trail for the Lynx to follow.”

A second yowl joined the first one and both Wolves shot off into the swirl of snow again.  Hawk struggled to keep up, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “I can’t turn off my fire.’ It’s a part of my Breed.”

Hawk winced when the Water-Wolf swore under her breath. He held back a muttered apology, sure she would only snap at him.

“Then we’ll have to fight them.”

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