The Demon Purge

The Demon Purge cover

The Demon Purge (Book One of the Legends of Soluna)

Can escaped Fire-Wolf slave Hawk find his inner fire to light the way out from darkness?

Hawk, a recently escaped Fire-Wolf slave, is one of the few who believes the stories of a once-free Island of Soluna. But as an outlaw, fearing discovery by demons and his fellow wolves, he barely manages to survive. An encounter with a Water-Wolf, a native of a vanished nation, rekindles his spirit and thrusts him into a quest to free his Island.

For more than a century, most wolves have been enslaved by the monstrous overlord, Letorus, and his demon horde. The wolves not trapped are on the run, fugitives in their own land. Even the few remaining rebel groups have given up fighting the demons’ rule and struggle only for survival.

Hawk must rise above what he thought possible for a lowly slave and learn to lead in a land overcome with hopelessness. With secrets from the beginning of the war and a mysterious spirit haunting his every step, Hawk will have to travel into the origins of darkness itself to free the Island from the tyrannical rule of Letorus.

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Reviews from other readers:

Well thought out and exciting storytelling!! Filled with characters with real depth in an epic tale that is easy to immerse yourself in. I’ve read it more than once already. All the rich detail keeps it fresh each time.  -Lucas A. Fricke


The Demon Purge is one incredible journey of two totally different characters thrown together by destiny to save their island. In order to save this island, both characters (Hawk and River) must learn to face and overcome their deepest fears and weaknesses, so that they can stand together and lead the fight against the evil that rules their homes. Full of adventure, epic battles, mystery, tears and laughter, The Demon Purge is a book you won’t want to put down. From the beginning to the end, MB Scully keeps you drawn into her fantastic world of mystical, heroic wolves and creepy, spine-chilling demons. Well done MB! Looking forward to more of your books.  -Maggie Mae

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